Aaron Manfull

St. Charles, MO

Aaron Manfull

Media Now STL Director. Former Dow Jones News Fund National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year. Journalism Education Association Digital Media Chair. Francis Howell North Director of Student Media. Proud father. Iowan forever.



Announcing: The National High School Broadcast Adviser of the Year Award

The Journalism Education Association is excited to announce the first ever National High School Broadcast Adviser of the Year Award, sponsored by Lindenwood University. The award is designed to honor outstanding high school broadcast advisers and their exemplary work from the previous year, as well….

The Next 26: Twitter Tips for High School Students

I think there’s a lack of constructive discussion going on with high schoolers when it comes to social media use and that’s a problem. I’m not sure conversations are happening at home and they seem to be few and far between at schools. I’m not here to preach and give horror stories, with this series of tips I’m simply here to help make sure you understand the great tool Twitter can be and give you some ways to use it more effectively.

5 Reasons to Have One Website for all of Your High School Student Media

As school journalism programs begin their move to the web, it generally starts with one staff taking the lead. This was the case years ago at Howell North. The newspaper staff wanted a site, so they built one. After a few years, the yearbook staff….

Aaron Manfull’s Speech Accepting the 2011 Dow Jones News Fund Teacher of the Year Honor

Home » Aaron Manfull’s Speech Accepting the 2011 Dow Jones News Fund Teacher of the Year Honor. The following is a transcripts of the speech that Aaron Manfull gave when launching and accepting the 2011 Dow Jones News Fund Journalism Teacher of Year honor. You can click through to if you’d like to see the script synced up with the actual slides.

The Next 26: Editor Tips

Each day for 26 days (more or less), I send out Editor Tips. This problem plagued me for quite some time. I think it’s actually a problem that plagues quite a few advisers on a yearly basis and it is often a subject of the JEA listserve. We plan things out, get our staffs set, name our editors, and then we expect them to be the leaders we know they can be.

The Next 26: Recruiting Staffers

Follow along beginning Nov. 19, 2011, as I begin to share 26 ideas over the course of 26 days to help you recruit students into your journalism program. Use these ideas in your school. Share these ideas with those in a school near you. Use the comments below to add other ways we can get more students involved in our programs.

The Next 26: What staffs need to be doing in 2012-13

In scholastic journalism programs today it can’t be business as usual. Programs that are not connected, do not recruit and do not adapt are in for a bumpy road. Just like the current journalism industry, we can’t be content with sitting back and doing things as we’ve always done them. We need to rethink, reimagine and be proactive.

Presentations I have Created and Conducted

Here you can find presentations I've done and shared through the years on topics from Social Media to Staff Organization. Link to Story

7 Things That Really Struck Me From Dan Reimold’s Journalism Interactive 2013 liveblog

After Journalism Interactive 2013 was over I saw Mindy McAdams tweet a link to Dan Reimold's "100 Things I’m Learning at Journalism Interactive 2013: A Somewhat Live Blog." I don't remember exactly what McAdams said but it was flattering. I didn't have time to read….

10 Reasons High School Media Shouldn’t Abandon Print

Open publication - Free publishing - More fhn While there are a host of reasons for high school media to make a move online and develop a Web presence, don't be too quick to pull the plug on the print publication -- even if it's…. Link to Story


Aaron Manfull

My name is Aaron Manfull.

My full-time job is Director of Student Media at Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, MO. There, I advise the student newsmagazine (North Star), the student yearbook (the Excalibur), the student broadcast team (FHNtoday TV) and the student news website ( I've been at Francis Howell North since the fall of 2001, prior to that I advised journalism at Newton High School in Newton, IA.

While that is the main hat that I wear on a daily basis, I also have a few others that I put on frequently. I am the Journalism Education Association's Digital Media Chair. I over see and its team of bloggers. Our focus is to help high school students and advisers with their journey online. I co-direct Media Now STL ( with my wife, Kate. It's a summer digital media bootcamp for high school journalists and advisers.

I've been honored for my work a few times, including: Dow Jones News Fund National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year, National Scholastic Press Assocation Pioneer Award, Francis Howell North High School Teacher of the Year, Francis Howell School District Howell of Fame.